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Klaipėda Regional Court

Chairperson of the Court

Mr. Arvydas Daugėla

Chairman of the Klaipėda Regional Court




Born in 1964, Klaipėda district

Law degree, Vilnius University, 1989


Legal work experience
August 1989–April 1992 Interrogator of the Klaipėda City Police Headquaters, Department of Interrogation
April 1992–January 1996   Judge of the District Court of Klaipėda City

January 1996–so far           Judge of the Klaipėda District Court, Cirminal Cases Department
July 1998–June 2010          Chairman of the Criminal Cases Departament of the Klaipėda District Court
June 2002–July 2010          Member of the Judicial Ethics and Discipline Commission
June 2010–June 2015         Chairman of the Klaipėda Regional Court
September 2015–so far       Chairman of the Klaipėda Regional Court (II term)

Languages: Russian, English







Court opening hours

Mon-Thu  8.00 - 17.00
Fri            8.00 - 15.45

Lunch Time
12.00 - 12.45

Information about cases

Office of criminal cases departament (+370 46) 39 09 85, (+370 46) 39 09 61
Office of civil cases departament (+370 46) 39 09 86